Sunday, June 24, 2012


I'm engaged!  And no, we didn't get married because of the alien growing in my body =)  Nate had actually bought the ring before he knew I was preggers.

Let me back up!  Nate and I have been together for a year and a half and have been talking about marriage off and on since January of this year.  Two days before (June 15) I found out I was pregnant, we had actually spoken about eloping.

Flash forward to this Saturday, June 23rd!  We got up and went to Judy's for breakfast and then when we got back, Nate suddenly had to disappear for a secret project.  That didn't raise any suspicions or anything =)  He was gone for a bit and when he returned, he tossed me in the shower and then off we went!

Nate took me to Castine, where he spent his summers.  His family's camp is in Castine.  We talked about the baby and other things on the way.  It was a pretty drive down to the coast.  He took me to Dyce's point where we walked through a forest of trees, bushes, and long grass to a wooden staircase that lead down to the rocks.  It was funny because I was tripping over tree roots and thinking, "He's either going to propose, or throw me into the sea".  There were pretty tidal pools (one of my favorite things to look at) and even though it was foggy, you could see out really far.  There was an island in the distance and a beautiful lighthouse.  It reminded me of the Owl's Head light house that I use to go to when I was a kid.

Then he took the red box out of his pocket, got on one knee (This is where I said "oh no" and giggled), and told me I was his best friend and he wanted to marry me =)

Because it was foggy and the tide was in, we headed back up the path to the car.  And then we had the most amazing freaking grapefruit soda from Italy!

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