Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 9 - Dopplers and GF pizza

I got my fetal doppler last night!!!  Being only 9 weeks pregnant (today), I obviously couldn't hear anything other than my own heartbeat in my artery and probably the placenta.  From what I've read, I'll be lucky if I hear it at 10 weeks, more likely to hear it around week 12 or 13.  I've never been very patient!

I'm pretty exhausted lately and by pretty exhausted, I meant half dead!  Still no real morning sickness.  Was a little dry heave-y this am, but by the time I finished my ovaltine and milk, I felt fine.

My crib and mattress came in, and I ordered some bella bands since I will probably need them in the next few weeks.  I still can fit easily into my size 6 and 8 pants without any discomfort.

  I am in love with Uno's gluten free pizza, but for a change, I did pick up the gluten free Glutino Spinach and Feta pizza this weekend.  It was absolutely fantastic.  I highly recommend it!  Didn't take too long to make (17 minutes) and was a lot better than most glutino products.  I haven't been a huge fan of Glutino (other than their bagels) but this is definitely a must try pizza.  Healthy, safe, and just the right size =)

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