Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trix appears to be GF!

After a week of eating these with no side effects, I will agree that it seems Trix are gluten free!


Deliciously delicious... And since I'm carrying a kid, I should be allowed to eat them!
See the site below for a more comprehensive gluten test on this cereal!
Gluten Free Mom

13 weeks and 5 days... and a week of being sick

Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE sinus infections?
So last Tuesday night, after the ultrascreen, I started to get a sore throat.  I didn't think much of it, thinking I probably was just dehydrated.  I went to work on Wednesday and by the time I got home and was ready for bed, my throat was killing me.  I could feel like a blockage of mucus in the back of my throat so I knew it was being caused by drainage but my nose wasn't stuffed up at all.  I used my neti pot and hoped I'd feel better in the morning.

Yeah no.  That certainly didn't happen.  I spent Thursday - today mainly in bed or on the couch.  Symptoms: migranes, sore throat, inflamed sinuses, runny nose, sneezing, ear/face itching/hurting, and coughing.
I ventured out for a brief time to visit family on Sunday due to my mother throwing Nate and I a fantastic wedding celebration.  It was nice to see the fam, even though my nose and head were killing me.

As of today, I went to the doctors and found out that I have a secondary sinus infection and an ear infection.  The good news?  It's getting better.   The bad news? because it's getting better, I can't get any medication.  Boooooo.

Other than that, my first trimester treated me well as long as I was responsible and scheduled my food times well.  Second trimester is here, though honestly I still haven't really noticed a difference.  I would say I'm less tired, but with being sick, I have been exhausted.

Anyways, time for some belly shots!

I'm cheating here because I pulled my pants up =)

Pants lower on my hips.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prenatal Screening - 12 weeks 5 days

So Aug 21, yesterday, was my prenatal ultrascreen.  This is an optional test to check the baby's growth and to check for certain birth defect/syndrome markers.  First, they look at how much fluid is at the base of the baby's neck which can be an indicator for down syndrome.  They measure it and send the info to labs.  They also do a finger prick and take five drops of blood to test for hormone levels and other genetic markers.

At first, Nate and I really struggled with this.  Originally, we had said we weren't going to do this test because even if our child had down syndrome or one of the other syndromes, we would continue with the pregnancy.  So what was the point of having the test done?  Later, after finding out we wouldn't have another ultrasound till week 20, we decided that we would have the screening done.  It's better to know earlier anyways so that we can read up as much as possible on any problems the baby may have. That way we would be better prepared.

To prepare for the test, you have to drink 32 ounces of water an hour before the test.  That way your bladder is really full and pushes the uterus up, allowing the tech to get a better view of the baby.  Needless to say, I had to pee like crazy and was doing the peepee dance =)  But these are the pictures we got from the ultrascreen:
The profile of the baby.  As you can see, we have a nasal bone with is a good sign that the baby is Down Syndrome free!

This is a cool picture.  The baby is jumping around in my uterus and you can see the umbilical cord!

Look at that cute little face!

Baby and it's foot!

Another foot shot!

The baby's profile and hand.

Another picture of the full baby and it's hand, close to the mouth.

Baby is looking at you... and it looks like I have a baby venom/xenomorph/spawn in my uterus!

A leg!
The ultrasound tech said that the baby was measuring a week later than what we thought, which means I might be 13 weeks 5 days along instead of 12 weeks 5 days along.  Something to keep in mind, but we are not going to change the due date or our weekly counting at this point.  She also marveled at how perfect the baby looked: it's face, little nose, it's beautiful spine.  I wish they had given me some of the spine pics.  It was so cool seeing all the little bones.

I really struggled with not crying and I managed not to.  I've had a sinus/stress headache for a couple days and crying always brings it on.  The baby was beautiful.  I got to see it jumping and squirming all around, kicking it's legs, moving it's hands.  It was amazing.

They also gave us some 4D pictures.  They are super creepy looking...

Rawr!  I'm Bane!
The heartbeat measured at 153bps which is great.  Getting to see my baby was everything I needed and wanted.  I suggest the ultrascreen to anyone, just for the experience and to see the baby.  Some insurances don't cover the ultrascreen though, so check with your insurance company!  Also, be prepared for the bad news.  You should already have a plan in place for worse case scenario.  What will you do?

I did get one piece of bad news about my pregnancy, but it was more of an emotional piece of bad news.  Nothing is wrong with the baby, but I do have an anterior placenta.  Basically that means that my placenta is between my belly and the baby so I will most likely not feel the baby kicking around 16 to 20 weeks.  I will probably not feel anything steady until 22 to 24 weeks.  This is something I am really excited about, feeling the baby moving inside me, so I was saddened by this.  This doesn't effect the baby and is not dangerous in anyway to the baby, it just sucks for the experience.  I want to feel the baby NOW!  =)

And with Week 12 almost over...

... here are some bump pics!

I made it safely home from WV and am settling back into home life.  Being pregnant is amazing and boring at the same time.  It's crazy to know that I have a baby growing inside of me and that is truly amazing, but at the same time, I haven't really had any changes.  Still too early to feel the baby kicking. Still not showing all that much.  Still don't know what the baby is so I can't even go balls to the walls with decorating!  But still, so amazing to know that I'm not alone.  To know that I am creating something and that I was given a gift to raise, nurture, and love.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Great Clothing Deals - Also Known as: My Dad and Step-Mum Spoiled the Baby and Me Rotten

As I said earlier in the week, my Step-mum and I went to the outlets to check out deals on clothing.  Unfortunately, we came up against the fact that, since we don't know the gender of the baby yet, it's hard to buy clothing, on sale or not!  Everything is either girl or boy!  Even gender neutral colors seem to sing out a gender by the pictures printed on them: a bumble bee with eyelashes; something sportsy, etc.  So even though we did look at lots of baby stores, we didn't purchase anything.

Today we went to the Winchester Mall, which wasn't too exciting.  After going to the mall, we decided to go check out TJ Maxx... and hit the gender neutral motherload!

One shot of the TJ Maxx haul!

Another shot - though the teddy bear and clothing that is not in this pile are not from TJ Maxx.

Good haul?  Absolutely!  Then we went over to Target...  Target really didn't have a great selection, unfortunately.  While there was a lot of cute outfits, most of them were very obviously either boy or girl.  Still, we found some hats, gloves, and a precious Teddy Bear that plays songs, womb noises, and nature sounds.

Lastly, we hopped over to Kohl's for their baby clothing sale.  Here we found more Carter's brand and more super cute gender neutral clothing, sleep sacks (so soft!), and socks/booties!!
I love the moo cow outfit!

Mommy and Daddy loves me!
All in all, we got 6 washcloths, 6 hats, 3 hooded towels, 5 receiving blankets, 4 pairs of mittens, 8 pairs of socks, duckie booties, 2 sleep sacks, 4 gowns, 8 stretchies with feet, 2 sleep + plays, 7 onsies, 2 two-piece outfits (pants and a long sleeved shirt), 1 blanket, 1 teddy bear, and 6 bibs!

They are an arrangement of sizes anywhere from NB/0 to 9 mos.  All in all, we saved $86+ at Kohls and $120+ at TJ Maxx!!!  Now I just need the baby! =)  Thank you, Gigi and Drampy!!!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

11 Weeks - and on vacation!

Still no major morning sickness!  As long as I eat something when I first wake up and continue to munch all day long, it keeps the nausea at bay.

11 weeks.  Dear lord.  I remember when I was 4 weeks, 6 weeks, and thought it was going to take forever.  Now, I'm almost into my second trimester =D

Family members are mentioning that I'm looking a little rounder.  I think it depends on what kind of shirt I'm wearing honestly, but I am starting to show a little.  A tiny cute little bump =)

It's a lot easier to find the baby's heartbeat now, and hold it longer, but I'm still having trouble getting my sonoline B to show me the heart rate.

Currently, I'm visiting my father and step-mother down in WV.  The flights went well though the first flight was canceled (which cost me 2 days of my trip) and then it was delayed.  It's been fun so far.  Yesterday, we went to the Premium Outlets in Hagerstown.  I personally love Outlets.  Great prices, and I'm always looking for a deal!  It was so much fun.  I got to have my first moment of baby shopping where I was able to get all emotional over cute little outfits at Gymboree and Carters.  It's funny.  I always thought I would be so gung ho on having a girl.  Instead, I just want a healthy baby, and I'm excited for either a boy or girl!

My step mother got me my first pair of maternity pants and a gorgeously soft maternity sweater from Motherhood Maternity.

Motherhood Maternity also gave me a free little goody bag for my first purchase at the store.  It came with a bunch of coupons: 25% off at OshKosh BiGosh; 25% off at Carters.  It had a free gift card for $20 to Snapfish.  It also had coupons for the free baby sling, free nursing cover, and free car seat cover that I had blogged about a week or so ago.  If anyone wants the codes for these three free items, let me know.  All you have to do is pay for shipping.  It also came with a bunch of pamphlets but even cooler a free Avent bottle - with a bunch of coupons and two free nursing pads.  All in all, the outlets were very successful!  I had no foot pain (I've had eight foot surgeries in the last eight years.  The most recent was bone transplant from my hip to my right foot in Dec 2011 - which took about five months to recover).  My hips hurt a little, but they are expanding.  We were out for about four hours!

Disney Movie Club - Free Stuff

Backstory: I joined the Disney Movie Club back in 2010 due to an awesome deal.  They were offering five blu rays for 1 dollar.  It came with a contract that in two years you had to purchase four blu rays at full cost but honestly, have you looked at the cost of a Disney Blu ray recently?  They are always expensive, never really on sale.  If it's the "featured film" it counts towards your commitment purchase plus it's also usually on sale.  Normally, they also have a buy one at full price get all other merchandise at 40-60% off.  I've loved the program and have been able to collect many of my favorite Disney films over the last few years.

Now, whenever you purchase a Disney CD, movie, or go to see a Disney movie, you can get points at the Disney Movie Rewards site.   Usually a Blu ray movie earns you 125 points.  So over the last few years, I've been saving up my points, and I was at about 4k.

This is the Baby Einstein™ Musical Motion 2-In-1 Stationary Jumper And Entertainer. Normally 90 dollars, I was able to get it for "free" for 3k points. Obviously, by purchasing Blu rays, I have earned those points, but it's a great rewards program that doesn't HAVE to be in place.  This is why I love rewards programs!!

If you are interested in the Disney Blu Ray Movie Club, you can get code and site for the five Blu rays for 1 dollar deal here.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Free Stuff Part 1

So last week, I took part of an awesome WTE deal.  Basically, you got free baby items, and only had to pay for shipping.  The shipping was a little expensive for my taste ($11 - each), but the items were at no cost when normally, each one was $39.99.

As of today, I've already received three out of the four items I got!

These are reusable cotton breast pads for nursing.  They can be washed, are super comfortable, and are normally super expensive.  I got ten of them for $11.

This is a baby sling like the Moby sling.  Again, normally 39.99, but got it for $15 (there was some sort of exchange fee).

This is a breastfeeding cover.  I think it's super pretty and basically just hangs over your neck to give your little one privacy in public places.  

Currently right now, if you go to sevenslings.com , you can get the wrap free with this code FAMILY2012.  When you purchase the sling, it will give you a code to get a free udder cover as well! Then you get a code for a free car seat cover.  I haven't received my car seat cover as of yet, but will post it when I get it!!

Udi's Blueberry Muffins - GF

These are super amazing.  I eat them for breakfast eveeeeery day!  I nuke them for about 40 seconds, cut them in half, and throw a slab of butter in the middle.  They are a little squishy and definitely don't crumble the way a normal muffin would, but I'm ok with that.  Normal muffins make a mess =D  These really help soak up the acid in my belly in the AM and keep the morning sickness at bay.

Baby Beats and 10 Weeks!

10 weeks (and only a few days away from week 11) and some clips of the heartbeat!  Things are going fantastic.  I should have a new schedule at work soon, regardless of whether I transfer or not.  The current schedule of 11am-10pm just isn't working, most importantly, for my family.   I don't really get to see much of Em Monday or Tuesday, and we are all feeling it.  Pair that with my exhaustion, and it just isn't going to work.  The good thing is that it's easy for me to switch my schedule around!  There are also a lot of opportunities to grow right now at work.

This weekend, we went to the Bangor State Fair.  It was a blast.  A little disappointing because there are so many fun things to eat at the fair, but most are off limits to this gluten-free girl.  I did get some french fries and lemonade though, and both were delicious!

And of course, obligatory 10 week belly shots!