Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Start of a Nursery...

So this past weekend, Nate and I began to work on the nursery.  Which really just means we put together the crib, but HEY, it's a start.

Here are some beginning pictures:

Davinci Parker 4 in 1 Crib with trundle

Came with a free 150 coil spring mattress!  Awesome Amazon sale!

And purchased for me by my mother!

I got these at Tj Maxx for $6.00

The melody bear for the baby Webling that Gigi bought!

Gigi bought the bear blanket.  Underneath is the afghan my Taunte (french for Aunt) made for me when I was a baby!

A bunch of free stuff I've acquired: samples to items from a friend who recently had a baby.

The baby's closet with the clothes that Gigi bought, plus on the top shelf are the sling,  carseat canopy, and breast feeding cover that I got for free (see previous post about free stuff).

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