Friday, October 5, 2012

19 weeks and some days bump photos!

Update: So I have felt the baby poking/kicking more and more.  It's low, right above my pubic bone, but it's something that you can actually feel if you put your fingers against it and press down a little.  I spend a lot of time wondering what he is going to be like, who he is going to become, and if I'll be a good mother.

I also wonder how many times he's going to pee in my face.....

I was trying to suck it in haha.

No one can tell I'm preggers from the front.

There's the belly, in all it's glory!

I look like a whale, but this shirt is so comfy!!
Yesterday, Holly and I went to get mani-pedis here in Philadelphia (I'm visiting her for her wedding which is in TWO DAYS).  Two of the people who worked there said I was the cutest pregnant lady.  =)


  1. I can't wait to feel mine move! I'm 18 weeks today. Your bump is cute. I've also been trying to 'suck in' and definitely can't hide it anymore. But I'm learning to love maternity clothes. They're so comfy.

  2. Oh it's weird. When you lay down, do you ever feel like you can feel your heart beat or pulse in your belly?? I think that is the "popcorn feeling" they say you feel early on.

    I LOVE MATERNITY CLOTHING! It is super super comfy. Holy crap. Motherhood Maternity has been having some killer sales. I've been getting like 30% additional off clearance prices. I've picked up a few pretty outfits.

  3. Ha - I think that's all I can feel is my heartbeat! Sometimes I even check it with the pulse in my neck and they always match. Funny. But I keep checking nonetheless. Do you still use your doppler?

    I'll have to check out Motherhood Maternity today and see what kind of bargains I can find. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Yup! I use my doppler probably once a week? I don't like using it too much because the doctor doesn't really keep the doppler on too long. It makes me feel like I shouldn't do it too often or for too long.

    I tend to use it when I get nervous. Like if baby hasn't moved in a day or two (well that I can feel) or after I had all those colds.

    You probably won't be able to feel the baby's heartbeat, but sometimes I wonder if I it might be the baby moving also. Sometimes like a popping sensation. There is also an artery or something that goes through that area which is why with a doppler sometimes people end up listening to their own heartbeat instead of the baby's.

    When you order something from Motherhood Maternity, you get a little coupon package. It has some awesome stuff in it... such as a coupon for a free Avent bottle, a $20 gift card for Shutterfly, and other coupons.