Thursday, October 11, 2012

20 weeks!

This past weekend, Nate and I flew down to Philadelphia for my best friend Holly's wedding.  I flew down Thursday morning, while Nate flew down late Friday night.

And I had a blast!

Philadelphia is a very scary place, but it has so much culture!  And the food!  Omg...

Let's see... My menu was something like this:

Ihop - Eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns
Yummy Pad Thai and soup
Night Market - Braised short ribs over creamy polenta, Sweet corn on the cob, frozen yogurt
Sweet Freedom - GF chocolate chip cookie frosting sandwich!

Rice Chex
Bibimbap - Korean food with beef, sauce, sprouts, spinach, whole grain rice, bokchoi in a yummy stone bowl that cooks it till it caramelizes.
Chicken with mixed chinese vegetables and eggdrop soup
Greek Frozen Yogurt

Eggs and Bacon
Phili-yo (More frozen yogurt but it had chocolate and cheesecake frozen yogurt, cantaloupe, kiwi, gummi bears, jimmies, blue berries, peanut butter cup)
A variety of yummy asian food at like a buffet rehearsal dinner
And surprise surprise - more ice cream!

Sunday (WEDDING DAY!!!!):
Eggs, sausage, frosted flakes
Soup, Cesar salad, and prime rib
Wedding frosting =) and a Sweet Freedom cupcake
Tiramisu from room service =) 


I'm pretty sure I put on a few pounds while there =)  Which is good!  I loved sharing Holly and Phil's wedding day with them.  It was beautiful.  I danced, jumped in a pool in an expensive dress, and ate!

Look at that little boy popping out my belly like that!  


  1. So cute!

    We are also having a boy! Found out a week early after a trip to the ER. Have some placenta stuff going on, but all is well with the baby and shouldn't be much of a concern. But the ultrasound tech was kind enough to let us in on what we're having before our actual appt at the OB next week. So fun!

    1. Ahhhhh! So exciting! Congrats! Do you have a name picked out yet? Sorry to hear about placenta issues. I'm thankful mine finally moved up. I was so worried about previa. Do you have a theme for your nursery???

  2. Yeah, it sounds like mine will also move up with time. But the bleeding freaked me out for sure!

    We haven't thought much (nor even started) a nursery yet. My dad is a woodworker and has been working on a beautiful crib for us. That's as far as we've gotten. But now it's time to shop!

  3. Aww that's beautiful! I love hand-crafted items from family. Our cradle rocks and was given to my mother for me by my grandfather (her father) when I was a baby. My grandfather died two months before I was born and since I was a little girl, I knew that my baby would sleep in this cradle. My mother is getting it all refinished and when I get it, I'll take a picture and put it on the blog.