Friday, October 26, 2012

22 Weeks - Anatomy Scan #2 & Bump pics!

So, as noted back at 19 weeks, my anatomy scan on my boy was highly successful, except that they couldn't see his heart.  He refused to roll over and put his chest up, so not only did we not get a look at all four chambers, but we also couldn't even get a good profile pic.  They scheduled me a follow up in 4 weeks and today was the follow up ultrasound.

It went beautifully!  He was a very good baby and not only were we able to get great pictures of his feet, heart, and profile, but we also got a beautiful video!  Introducing Nathaniel James Webster!!!

Big feet!

Lil hands near his face!

Another profile!

I love this picture!!!!

I can't wait to snuggle him!

Running in my uterus!

Still a boy!

I'm definitely starting to feel him a little more, though it's still just mild tapping.  Sometimes, it feels like he's kicking me in the cervix cause I get stabs of pain.  My hubby still has not felt him move =(

Good news though!  Placenta has moved way up, so no concerns with placenta previa!!


  1. These are great! So glad he's healthy and happy. Our little guy was so shy at his last ultrasound and didn't want to show his face. haha We go back at 28 weeks to do another ultrasound to double check the placenta so maybe we'll get a good profile then.

    Felt some great kicks this last week. He's getting more active for sure!

    Your bump is so cute.

  2. Sometimes they don't always cooperate which is why anatomy scans are more accurate at 24weeks. They are much bigger, easier to manipulate, and are generally more active =)

    My placenta has moved way up! I hope for similar news from you.

    Awww, thanks. I'm all belly that is for sure! Nathaniel's been shifting a lot. At the ultrasound, his hands were down near my lower pelvis, on the left side. His feet were up near my ribs on the left side. Definitely felt a kick up high!