Friday, October 19, 2012

Presents in the Mail!

Look at the amazing things my BFF Holly sent me today!


It says "Pull to sound the alarm".

The note says "I just had to be the who got this for you". <3

It matches my shark booties!

Out of the package!

All together now!
I can't wait to see him in these~


  1. Oh my gosh - I love the "These fools put my cape on backwards" bib! That's awesome!

    Your friends and family are being so great with all these gifts. You'll be set for sure.

    We haven't officially bought anything yet, but did sell a bunch of furniture this weekend to make room for the little one. And a friend gave us a changing table and highchair. So it's starting to get more real that we need to set up a space for the baby.

  2. I know! I was spoiled this weekend =) The bib is amazing. That's awesome that you got a changing table and highchair from a friend! Those are super expensive!