Monday, December 31, 2012

32 Weeks, the last day of 2012, and Braxton Hicks

I cannot believe there are only 8 weeks left till my due date.  54 days to be exact (which is actually a little less than 8 weeks)!!  This year has been super crazy.  I started the year off, a month after a major bone transplant (the navicular bone in my right foot died and had to be replaced with a bone from my hip) on bed rest through April.  I worked hard on my book the first half the year and continued to work on my gluten free diet, dropping my weight from 170 to 126.  As my bone healed (and my body healed internally!), I felt better and better.  I got control of my anxiety allowing me to get good sleep and do things like flying without fear.  I got pregnant, got married, and became a step mother.

Red rectangle is around the dead bone that didn't heal.  It never fused together properly and caused me a lot of pain. I had that contraption in my foot for a good 8 months.....External fixator.  I have lots of gross pictures, but I will not subject you to anything more that this X-ray!

The only negative symptom that I've had fromt this pregnancy is the hip/back pain.  And tomorrow starts January of 2013.  The year my son will be born.

I know it's kinda cliche, but after a rough 2008-2011 - what with everything that happened in 08 and 10 and then all the surgeries in 2011, 2012 is when everything fell into place.  I feel cemented in my life.  I feel like I've made significant progress in obtaining my dreams and putting myself and my family on the right path.  I feel like everything has fallen into place, and now I get to finally sit back and enjoy life.  Even with pregnancy, my foot has felt fine.  I don't have any pain.  I don't limp.  After every one of my surgeries, I've limped and/or favored my foot.  To be able to walk is an amazing feeling and accomplishment.

My family

I don't know what 2013 will hold, but I do know it will be a year of change - as all years usually are.  I'm excited for this change, excited to see how all my hard work and good decisions have panned out.

32 weeks.  2013.  My newest symptom I've been experiencing is the dreaded braxton hicks.  Actually, my doctor thinks I've had them for a while now and am only noticing them now.  I have noticed for a while now that my belly tends to get rock hard after I eat a lot.  I figured that I was just over eating.  Now, I've noticed this hardness even when I haven't eaten a lot.  I notice it a lot when sitting in the car or at home.  It's not painful, no cramping, and only lasts maybe 30 seconds.  I wouldn't even call it annoying.  It is slightly uncomfortable because it feels like your belly is a boulder.

I also have figured out what 'Thaniel's hiccups feel like.  They make me giggle.  Pretty much I just feel this rhythmic tapping feeling.  It can last up to five minutes.  Little jumps in the belly that are equally spaced a part in time.  The first time it happened, I felt it a bunch and couldn't figure out what was going on.  I just couldn't see this baby in me kicking me 20 times a minute.  And then it hit me.  Hiccups.  It happens about once a day now, and is definitely one of the highlights of my day.

And of course, 32 week bump pics!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

31 Weeks!

Day 1 of 31 weeks in a new maternity dress from my Dad and Step-Mum!

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday!  I definitely did.  Em, Nate, and I went to three separate family Christmas parties.  On the 22nd, we spent time with Nate's father and Step-mom.  On the 23rd, we spent time with Nate's mother and Step-father.  On Christmas Eve and Day, Nate and I spent it with my Mom while Em went to spend time with her Mom and her Mom's family!

Too much sitting though, my hip was so sore.  

Nathaniel is getting more and more active, kicking and poking at me.  I've started to wash all the newborn and 0-3 months clothing.  Nate put my rocking chair together so now I will get to start reading and rocking the baby.  When I was still working, I spoke all day for at least 10 hours.  Now that I'm home, I worry that the baby isn't hearing my voice enough.  I am trying to decide on which book series I'll start reading to Nathaniel first.  The Prydain Chronicles, maybe.

Also, have I mentioned how much I love my Keurig?!?!?!?  

Friday, December 21, 2012

30 Weeks - It's getting real!

First of all!  Here is a 29 week Christmas photo of my little family!  This was taken on December 11!

The black dress kinda hides the bump but oh well!
So, as one can see, I've been pretty busy throwing the nursery together and making little crafts.  Unfortunately, I'm currently out of work because my cute little fetal overlord has thrown out my hip.  Basically, my left hip is rotated and is now stuck.  It is horrendously painful.  Now sure, I get it.  Many pregnant women, especially in the last 10 weeks, have hip pain.  The difference here (not to say one person's pain is more than another's) is that I have had 8 foot surgeries, 6 of which have been on my right foot.  My hips keep going out from under me causing me to fall.  Recently, while trying to go down the stairs at work, my hips went out from under me, and I slipped, caught myself with the railing, but still banged my belly into the railing.  Because of this, my doctor took me out of work, because while the 'Thaniel is safe and sound, it just takes one fall to either hurt my foot or hurt Nat.  So I'm not on bed rest, but officially on rest (meaning, they don't want me confined to bed because it could cause blood clots and bone loss - but they don't want me doing a ton of stuff).

So for the most part, I'm just sitting home, watching TV, going to PT two times a week, and trying not to hurt myself.  There has been talk about early induction and possible c-section to protect my hip.  I'm hoping for an all natural birth right around 38-39 weeks, but we'll see.  In other news, 30 week bump is below!!!!!!

Belly button is still in!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Baby Burp Cloth Recipe

For the 18" x 18" burp cloths (I love bacon):
-Cut a square of cotton/flannel with a design on it (or not if you'd prefer just plain). It should measure 19" x 19" - That way you can hem half an inch on either side. (If you decide to use a cloth diaper, you will just cut the cloth the same size as the cloth diaper.)
-Cut a square of terry cloth (I used an old towel, some people use a cloth diaper). Again 19" x 19" (or if you are using a cloth diaper you don't need to cut it at all).
-Pin the flannel/cotton to the diaper/terry cloth wrong side out. So if you are using something patterned, it would be the side that is not patterned. Usually it looks super faded. Hem the flannel/cotton to the diaper terry cloth on three sides.
-Turn item inside out. Now you should have one side open (that is your top). Pattern side should be facing out with either the diaper or terry cloth on the back.
-Pin the un-hemmed side so the top of each fabric is folded in. This is called an invisible hem. It'll make it look like the other sides. Sew it closed.
Fold in half and throw over your shoulder! You are all done!

Recipe for 28" x 28" Receiving Blanket!

Receiving Blanket Recipe

For the 28" x 28" Receiving blanket:
-Cut a square of flannel with a design on it (or not if you'd prefer just plain). It should measure 29" x 29" so that you can sew a half an inch hem around either side.
-Pin each side a half an inch in. hem.
And you are all done!  If you plan to let your baby sleep in this (swaddle and put to bed), make sure you get flannel that is safe for sleeping!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Baby Shower Part 2!

So I wanted to take a picture of everything together.  Not everything is pictured here but a lot of the gifts that I received in the mail are here.  Some of these others (rocking chair, stroller, etc) won't make an appearance until I've (read: Husband) puts them together.  So onward!

This is the big sister quilt that my Grandmother Janice made for Em!

The back side!

The top knitted sweater in this picture is from my Grandmother Jackie! Handmade for lil Thaniel!

The clothing haul!

In the middle of this picture, are a pair of mittens and a hat that my MIL Helen knitted for Thaniel!

I love all my superhero onsies =D  From my MIL Ruth!

From Nancy Fish!  I adore these.  First of all, I'm a huge dinosaur nut. Second of all, I love the little hoodie on the back of the bear sweater!!!  It has a little bear hat!  SO CUTE!  Thank you, Nancy!

The bibs!

The shoes!  Look at those cute dragon shoes!!!

A froggie rattle with lil froggie slippers!

I had this handmade from Etsy!

Wash clothes and towels!

Love from my Cousin Suzanne!!!  So cute!

AHHHH!!! DRAGON WUBBY!  I love this MB!! Thank you!

Onsies, hats, and mittens in little cupcake shapes from Trish and Aunt Joy!
Love from Grammie Julie!  Thaniel will sleep, and I will hopefully not kill him..

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Baby Shower + 29 Weeks!

Sorry it took me forever to get these posts up!  It's been a very very busy week!

So my baby shower was December 9th and was absolutely amazing!  My family was very generous, giving us many hand made things and nearly everything we needed for baby 'Thaniel!  Pictures shall tell the story!

My mother made this for Nathaniel James =)

Our guests

Party Favors!

My husband made this =)  He's a graphic designer who makes banners!!

A gluten-free chocolate cake and peanut butter frosting.

My daughter and I!

Gifts and the outer space quilt my mother made!

Terribad pictures of me but the lovely crib set my Step-mum and Dad got for me!

The girls helping open the big presents!

A fuzzy blanket my Aunt Cheryl made for Nathaniel!

My lil Superman!

Another beautiful quilt my Mother made for 'Thaniel!

This is the cradle I slept in when I was a newborn. My grandfather, who died two months before I was born, bought it for me.  I have always dreamt of the day my child would sleep in it <3


A cute dog named Patches that my Aunt Cheryl made to go with the blanket!

The hat.