Friday, December 7, 2012

28 Weeks - Ultrasound pics!

So on Thursday (technically 27 weeks and 6 days), I had another ultrasound.  Pretty much, they just wanted to check out my cervix, make sure it was still nice, thick, and long.  While they were checking on that, they also took a full look at Nathaniel.

This picture reduced me to tears.  I cried so hard seeing that little smile in utero!

Everything looked great during the ultrasounds, and I enjoyed sharing the moment with my Sister-in-law!  Earlier in the day, before the ultrasound, I took my GD test.  It wasn't bad other than I had to drink the glucose test in 5 minutes... Again, it wasn't bad.  It was fruit punch flavored and reminded me of the cheap kool-aide bug juice you get as a kid.  After an hour, they took some blood for the test.

I was pretty stoked after the GD test and Ultrasound, so I went home and worked on some crafts.  Made this for my daughter Em, who loves Hello Kitty!

And last but not least - 28 week bump pics!

Stay tuned to next post about baby shower, exchange gifts, and progress on the nursery (as well as some more crafts)!


  1. Looking great!

    We also just had our 28 week ultrasound and everything's looking good. Though our little guy wouldn't look at us - so no face pictures to share. Bummer. Nathaniel is adorable!

    I had the lemon-lime flavor for the GD test. It was like drinking Sprite that was just a little too thick. I was surprised how pleasant it was given that I'd heard how gross it was prior to the test. All turned out well.

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    2. Aww. Thank you!
      Nathaniel has been very well behaved for our ultrasounds.

      Yay! No GD for us!

      Have you decided on a name yet?

      I'm not a fan of sprite so I'm glad mine was fruity!