Friday, June 29, 2012

Week 5

Still pretty flat, though I definitely have a little more bloating.  Pants are still loose on me, but at six weeks, no one would expect them to be tight (and if they are, again, that's bloating not the baby)!

One week from today, July 6th, is my first prenatal visit.  I'm excited and terrified at the same time.  I want to see the little parasite that is growing in my uterus, but, at the same time, I'm scared I won't make it to 7 weeks.  Everyone says "stay positive" and I definitely am trying, but I 
can't shake the fear of a miscarriage.  I'm still trying to make a decision on my choice of practitioner.  

Dr. Paul Smith is awesome because 
he is a feminist, believes strongly that the woman knows her body best, and teaches other ob/gyns to listen to their female patients.

That being said, he's also just one doctor, and if he gets called in for a surgery when I go into labor, it'll just be some random doctor delivering my baby.  And what happens if it's an impatient doctor who has something else to do?  Well then they are pushing the pictocin and if you don't deliver fast enough, a C-section.  I really don't want to have a C-section unless it's medically necessary.  

I'd also rather not be forced into labor via pictocin.  I watched "The Business of Being Born", and I'm even second guessing the idea of an epidural now... I guess I have 8 months to plan and prepare before I make that decision though.  There is another doctor's office which is connected to the same office as Dr. Paul Smith's.  It's called Acadia OB/Gyn.  The good thing about this practice is that they have three doctors and you can meet each one of them.  There is a better chance that one of these three would deliver the baby vs. some random doctor.  Also, one of the doctors has been recommended to me by a Neonatal nurse (my med evaluator).  I'm probably going to give them a call today.

Other than that, nothing else is really going on.  Nate and I are thinking we are probably going to elope on the 23rd.  We are going to get dressed up so I will probably go look at dresses at a consignment shop, or something.  Emma wants to go with me though so I will probably wait to do this until Sunday so I can take her with me =)  Nate and I have looked at some apartments, and I think we are going to look more so at the houses for rent (even if we have to pay for heat) vs.  an apartment, because we haven't had much luck with the apartments so far.  Tonight we are also going to be going to look at wedding bands =D  I'm very very excited about this.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The last day of five weeks

Today is the last day of my fifth week of pregnancy.  I have gained 1lb so far =D

My symptoms have been pretty mild so far: frequent urination, some nipple pain, gas, and an increased appetite (which to be honest is a good thing)!  I tend to forget to eat which is something I really need to stay on top of right now.

Pretty much the staple of my diet right now is Chobani Yogurt (pineapple and peach), Oikos Yogurt (key lime), Chicken salad sandwiches on Rudi's GF white bread, and Fritos and garlic hummus.

I haven't really had any cravings yet, nor have I felt like a crazy lady.

Nate and I have decided to prepare for a boy since it seems that boy names are incredibly hard for us to agree on.  I just want the baby to be healthy =)  I'd love to have a little girl just because the baby clothing is wayyyyy cuter, and I have an easier time deciding on female names.  Why do I hate traditional male names so much?!

I took today off so that I could focus on looking for apartments.  I found three that were interesting and we went to visit them.  I really like the first one, though it is a little smaller than I would have liked.  The other two are big, as they are houses for rent, but with that comes the added expense of paying for heat and other utilities that aren't included.  Heat alone in ME is at least 250 a month if you get on a budget plan.  With both of our incomes, we can afford it, but I'd rather be putting extra money away for a down payment on a house.

Looking for apartments stress me out really bad though =(

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I'm engaged!  And no, we didn't get married because of the alien growing in my body =)  Nate had actually bought the ring before he knew I was preggers.

Let me back up!  Nate and I have been together for a year and a half and have been talking about marriage off and on since January of this year.  Two days before (June 15) I found out I was pregnant, we had actually spoken about eloping.

Flash forward to this Saturday, June 23rd!  We got up and went to Judy's for breakfast and then when we got back, Nate suddenly had to disappear for a secret project.  That didn't raise any suspicions or anything =)  He was gone for a bit and when he returned, he tossed me in the shower and then off we went!

Nate took me to Castine, where he spent his summers.  His family's camp is in Castine.  We talked about the baby and other things on the way.  It was a pretty drive down to the coast.  He took me to Dyce's point where we walked through a forest of trees, bushes, and long grass to a wooden staircase that lead down to the rocks.  It was funny because I was tripping over tree roots and thinking, "He's either going to propose, or throw me into the sea".  There were pretty tidal pools (one of my favorite things to look at) and even though it was foggy, you could see out really far.  There was an island in the distance and a beautiful lighthouse.  It reminded me of the Owl's Head light house that I use to go to when I was a kid.

Then he took the red box out of his pocket, got on one knee (This is where I said "oh no" and giggled), and told me I was his best friend and he wanted to marry me =)

Because it was foggy and the tide was in, we headed back up the path to the car.  And then we had the most amazing freaking grapefruit soda from Italy!

What to Expect: Pregnancy Journal & Organizer - Review

I have a feeling this is going to be a life saver!  Let's just start with the fact that I'm absolutely horrendous at remembering dates and appointments.  Piss me off, and I'll remember it till the end of time, but remember that tomorrow I have a Dr. appointment at 9am, even going to sleep thinking that, and I'll still forget.  I do it all the time with counseling appointments.

So far, from what I read, pregnancy is all about specific dates.  Knowing when I have to schedule a test, ultrasound, or class is very helpful to me.  This book is broken into two major parts.  A journal which is broken into months, weeks, and days (So it'll say week 1 and the two pages will have individual days on it).  Each month page tells you what needs to be done (with a checklist to boot), a place to post a picture (and some days/weeks also have places to post ultrasound photos), and a place to record important info.  I feel like this is the book that will be in my purse.  It has a little pocket for me to keep information in as well.

The second part of the book has an organizer.   A place to write down what happens at each appointment; a place to write down name ideas; A place to record what you are eating, and so on.  I think this will help me stay on top of all the important things that are going to be happening in the next 8 months especially once pregnancy brain sets in (which to be honest, I think already has.  My brain is basically stuck on baby baby baby!)

The Nine Pregnancy Countdown Journal - Review

Let me start by saying, I'm so not a scrap booker.  Not only am I terrible with scrap booking, but I tend to forget my camera during very important times.  So while I wanted something sorta scrap booky to chronicle my first pregnancy, I also didn't want anything that was going to be a pain in the ass.  This is exactly what I was looking for.

The book is separated into months by colorful dividers.  Inside each month there are pages broken into weeks.  It starts with one page per week and as you go along, there are more and more pages for each week.  Each week provides guided questions to find out what's going on, how you are feeling that week, what is going on in the world that week, and etc.  Each month gives you a spot to post a picture of yourself, as well as places for ultrasound pictures, etc.

I really like guided scrap booking, where I don't have to post a lot of stuff, and focus more on writing my thoughts.  As a writer, I definitely want to chronicle my thoughts, but I don't always know exactly what I want to write, especially right now where I don't feel preggers.  I'm also glad there isn't a whole lot of gluing or posting stickers/stamps etc.  Maybe once I get further along, I'll be more excited about the whole scrapbooking aspect of being a Mom =)  I still think Snapfish will be a lot easier!

The Pregnancy Journal - Review

I must say, I absolutely love this journal.  It is probably my favorite out of the three that I have currently purchased.  To be honest, it's not really much of a journal, so if you are looking for something for chronicling your thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams, this probably is not the journal for you.  There are about 5/6 pages in the front of the book with guided questions and a couple lines for you to write on, and then through out the book there are small areas to write some notes, talk about labor, post labor, and record your weight and waist size.

So why do I like this one so much?

While most of the journals out there are divided weekly or monthly, this one actually is daily.  If you know your date of conception, you start on that day (not the first day of your last period).  If you don't know which day you conceived but you know your EDD (estimated due date), then you start from the back of the book, starting at your due date, and fill in the dates.  Once the book is filled out you can flip to whatever day it is and see what is most likely taking place in your body, what you should be doing, and how your baby is growing.  Very informative and a lot of fun!  So if you are interested in what's happening daily in your body and not so much about journaling, this is definitely the book for you!

Friday, June 22, 2012

4 weeks!

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I have peed on a stick every morning.  At this point, the pregnancy line shows up before the test.  And it's real dark.   I couldn't be more happy.

So far, only the family knows, and random people on the internet.  I've joined The Bump ; Can be found on Reddit as Darkshiara ; on Count Down to My Pregnancy ;  I also have a profile at What to Expect and Baby Center but I don't really like either of these two pages and probably won't continue using them.

I've also procured these books: Your Pregnancy: Week by Week,  What to Expect When You Are Expecting, and Mayo Clinic to Healthy Pregnancy.   And these baby journals: WTE: Pregnancy Journal/OrganizerThe Pregnancy JournalThe Nine Pregnancy Journal.  I'll post more about each as we go along.

While my first thoughts of pregnancy were shock and fear, I'm feeling less freaked out and more and more happy.  I don't feel preggers yet though.

So far my symptoms are gas, frequent urination, minor cramps/pressure, and some pain in my breasts.  But all in all, it's pretty surreal, and I don't feel pregnant at all!  Hopefully, since I've lost so much weight, I'll be showing early and my belly will POP!  I'm so excited to be a mommy!
In the next few days, I'll post about Nate, Emma, the books, and other stuff.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Officially Preggers

That is definitely a positive...  After waking up in the middle of the night, having to pee, I got a little suspicious.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

3 Weeks!

Well, here I am, 3 weeks pregnant, and don't know it yet =)  I found these pictures on my computer from 06/14 which was only 3 to 4 days before I found out I was pregnant.

It's kinda of funny because for the last month, I've been watching Private Practice (that's what is in the background) which is a show about fertility.  I became obsessed.

At this shot, I'm 127lbs.  Eating gluten free and fitting into clothing I never thought I would ever be able to fit in!