Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week 9 - Picture update

So we officially announced the pregnancy at 9 weeks.  We wanted to make sure we were past the early miscarriage spot (though miscarriages are common up to 12 weeks).  Emma was very excited when we told her.  I showed her the picture of the ultrasound that we have, and she was asking all about it.  She also was excited to help with the baby registry, going shopping, decorating the nursery, and so on.  It was funny though.. She's like "Why does the baby need it's own room?  I thought this was going to be an office.  Can't the baby live in my room?"  LOL.  She's so cute and generous.

Still not much of a bump.  For the most part, I think I still have baby bloat.  =)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 9 - Dopplers and GF pizza

I got my fetal doppler last night!!!  Being only 9 weeks pregnant (today), I obviously couldn't hear anything other than my own heartbeat in my artery and probably the placenta.  From what I've read, I'll be lucky if I hear it at 10 weeks, more likely to hear it around week 12 or 13.  I've never been very patient!

I'm pretty exhausted lately and by pretty exhausted, I meant half dead!  Still no real morning sickness.  Was a little dry heave-y this am, but by the time I finished my ovaltine and milk, I felt fine.

My crib and mattress came in, and I ordered some bella bands since I will probably need them in the next few weeks.  I still can fit easily into my size 6 and 8 pants without any discomfort.

  I am in love with Uno's gluten free pizza, but for a change, I did pick up the gluten free Glutino Spinach and Feta pizza this weekend.  It was absolutely fantastic.  I highly recommend it!  Didn't take too long to make (17 minutes) and was a lot better than most glutino products.  I haven't been a huge fan of Glutino (other than their bagels) but this is definitely a must try pizza.  Healthy, safe, and just the right size =)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Presenting to you Mr. and Mrs. Webster!

My step-mother, Cyndie, made this for us =)

My step-daughter, Em and I!

The Kiss!

Mr. and Mrs. Webster <3

I found a gluten free cake!  It's from Frank's Bakery in Bangor, Me, located on Main St.  It was vanilla with vanilla frosting.  Mmmm!
A father and his daughter!
Love this picture.  Em, my new sister-in-law Katrina, and me!

I love wedding band pics!  (Fyi- I did return the other ring.  It kept scratching me and I didn't want it to scratch the baby...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Week 8!

So things have been super crazy, and I'm just now getting a chance to post these pictures that I took a few days ago.  Between a sinus infection and ear infection, I spent last week at home.  As much as I would have liked to have moved more stuff, my head was throbbing all week so I spent most of it in bed, sleeping.

No new symptoms to note.  My brain has just been addled, and things have been a little lonely during this first trimester.  It's such a high to find out that I'm pregnant, but then there is all this waiting, while feeling like nothing has changed other than peeing, being exhausted, and needing to eat.  I want to be feeling the baby move, knowing the gender, listening to its heart beat, and buying cute things for the baby!  I did, however, buy a dopler from Ebay =D

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Amazing deals of the weekend

Ok, so just in case you don't know already: I am the queen of getting ridiculously good deals, but this weekend, I really blew it out of the water!

We'll start with Kohl's.  So I got a 10 dollar off coupon in the mail for Kohl's and through, "Hey, maybe I can get something cute for the baby."  I haven't purchased anything yet for the baby so I was excited about it being my first purchase.  But when I got to Kohl's, I decided to go look at their dishes instead.  See, between Nate and I, we basically just have old hand me down plates that don't match any other plates, so with starting our new life together, I was really excited about getting new dishwear.  I thought, "Hey, Kohl's has great deals, right?"

Damn straight they do.

So I went in and found a bunch of Sonoma dishwear boxes on a 70% off rack.  Unfortunately, they weren't listed on the 70% off sign.  Normally, they would be $119 but at 70% off, I would get a set for $35.70 and with my $10 off coupon, that put a 16 piece set at 25.70.  Not bad at all.

But when I got to the register, the dishwear was ringing up at $69.99, which is only about 40% off.  But, being awesomely awesome, the Kohl's associate, not only honors the 70% off but honors it off of the $69.99!  So it was 20.99 and with my 10 coupon, I got the first set at $11.74.  So I did what any normal person would do, I went back and got a second set at $20.99 which came out to be $22 something!  So basically, I got a 32 piece set of dishes for $33.  Pretty snazzy!

Then for the second deal of the weekend, today, while playing on my Amazon registry, I saw that select Davinci cribs came with a FREE mattress if purchased before July 31, 2012.  So I looked, and low and behold, my crib was on sale for $250 plus would come with a free $100 mattress!  So I called my Mom and told her I was going to grab it and tell her about the deal, and Mom picked it up for me =)  Which was pretty awesome of her.

I just couldn't imagine not taking part of this deal.  I mean I understand that you get a lot of these baby items at your baby shower but why not get a free NICE mattress vs having someone else have to shell out $100 bucks for it?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Two New Gluten-Free Finds

So, I decided to give the brand Ian's another try.  I had previously purchased these:

In my opinion, they weren't all that great.  Now I know they have changed the recipe recently and they may not taste the same, but when I had purchased these, the outside coating of the chicken nuggets was very corny.   It tasted like a corn dog... except it had chicken in the middle and was suppose to be a chicken nugget.  My tongue and brain could not come to terms with this product and I ended up steering away from Ian's products.

See the thing is, as you may known, gluten free food is super expensive.  So if I tend to not like one thing from a brand, I usually avoid the brand completely so I don't waste any money (or in this case, forced to eat something that I wasn't crazy about).  Life is too short and already I'm deprived of things that I DO want to eat, so my food needs to be tasty!

But I decided to give Ian's another try when I saw these:

I loveeeeeeeee french toast and french toast sticks.  I remember Burger King's french toast sticks fondly and was hoping to be able to find something sorta like them.  While these LOOK like them, the actual product doesn't look much like this.  They look like small pieces of cut up toast (I think Ian's products are geared towards children, because all the serving sizes are super small).  They were decent, but not squishy, more hard.  Slathered in maple syrup though, they were edible and I enjoyed them.  They just weren't what I was thinking they would be when I saw the picture.  Plus they smell like apple-cinnamon instead of just cinnamon but maybe that's just my nose.  Definitely better than the GF french toast sticks put out by Van's which taste like saw dust...

I also got these but have yet to try them.  Again, they are really tiny, not big like they are portrayed to look on the box.  I will definitely let you know how they taste once I try them!

PS: the Ian's French bread pizza was sooooo good. Small but you get 2 for about 7.50.

Goodies from Aetna

So, my employer provides Aetna as insurance and while Aetna and I have had our spats in the past in regards to my short term disability claims, they have been pretty good so far in regards to this pregnancy.

From the Aetna nurses, they sent me the new edition of the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy.  I had an older copy so I'm pretty excited to have the newer edition.

From Lifecare, which is part of the employee benefit plan through my employer and Aetna, they sent me a little baby fridge cooler, Dr. Spock's book about baby care, a onsie and a wash cloth with the Lifecare insignia on it, and a magnet for immunizations.  They called this a prenatal kit, but nothing can really be used until the baby is born.  Once the baby is born, I'm suppose to call again and they will send a baby first aid kit.

It's nice that I have such great benefits from a company that cares and supports my life choices, pregnancy, and family.

Week 7

I may have bought these.  They are so adorable!!!!  Little shark baby booties!  Etsy is amazing.  These are only 15 dollars too which I was pretty happy with.  I'm sure I could "make" them and save the money, but at this point in time, I don't have time to learn how to crochet, let alone have time to actually crochet.   When I go down to my Dad's in August, Cyndie said she would try to teach me how to crochet.

So the only major complaints for this week so far are cramps.  I still have that random queasy feeling, but it seems to be getting better.  I had been drinking ginger ale thinking it would help and honestly, I think it was making it worse.  The bubbles from the carbonation were making me very bloaty and unhappy.  I'm also avoiding anything spicey cause it gives me indigestion.

I also found a Gatorade drink that I like and that is GF!  So for the most part, I only like the red flavors but Fruit Punch Gatorade has modified food starch in it which is super annoying.  Modified food starch can be corn starch or flour starch, basically whatever is cheapest at that time.  BUT, and figure this out cause it's super weird, the X-factor which is a combination of Fruit Punch and Berry does NOT have modified food starch in it.  So I can drink that flavor.  Gatorade is really good because it has electrolytes which rehydrate me and make me feel a lot better.

Still getting super sleepy super early, which makes work very difficult at the moment.  I work 11am to 10pm, and I have an hour drive home.  So normally, I don't get home till 11pm.  Thank god I have a ton of vacation built up so I can take time off from work and recuperate!

I also found this awesome counter top dishwasher that is only $238 on Amazon (with prime no less!) and is absolutely perfect for our little family and kitchen!  I'm so jazzed about this.  I didn't want to be tripping and dragging over a portable dishwasher constantly.  Specially not when I'm super preggers!  It's perfect for baby bottles and your nightly dishes from dinner!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Last day of the 7th week

Tomorrow, I start my 8th week.  Definitely, the pregnancy symptoms are starting to kick in.  While I'm not very vomity,  I'm exhausted constantly.  It's hard to go to work everyday right now because I'm so tired and the 11am to 10pm shift is really killing me.  I leave my house around 9:40am and don't get home until a little after 11pm.

I've used a few vacation days so far, and a few schedule changes in order to make it through without calling out sick.

I always have a feeling of bleh.  Like when you are just recovering from the flu or a hangover.  My stomach is uncomfortable whether it's from indigestion, gas, bloating, I don't know.  I'm also still peeing constantly.  I usually wake up at least once or twice a night to skip off to the bathroom.  Sometimes I can fall right back to sleep.  Sometimes I can't.

We got the new house, and we are slowly starting to move stuff in.  It's very exciting.

I think, in an effort to stave off exhaustion and morning sickness, I maybe over-eating.  Not that I'm eating too much but more, eating too much at one time.  I think this is one reason that I don't feel well at work.  Also, I find that I get really tired around 3pm-4pm which is when normally I would nap.  The problem with that is that's only 4 or 5 hours into my shift at work. While I do plan to eventually got to an earlier shift, they really need nights right now, so I'm trying to accommodate.

I also have learned that drinking ginger ale isn't the best option, as the carbonation makes me feel yucky.  I finally found a red flavored gatorade that is GF - or at least doesn't have modified food starch in it.  It's strange: fruit punch gatorade has modified food starch in it but the Xfactor fruit punch + berry does not.  I guess I'll just be thankful and drink it.  It definitely does help.

Still no cravings, and I'm only really moody when my blood sugar gets low.  Soon, I will be living with Nate and Em.  I'm so excited to be able to go home to them every night =)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Week 6

So today was my first prenatal appointment.  I'm a worrier.  I'm always going to be a worrier.  So this appointment was very nerve wracking for me.  I had no clue what was going to happen, what we would see, or anything.

Nate and I went out to breakfast first thing, making sure I had a nice full belly before my appointment.  I knew that I would be getting blood drawn and from previous experience, know that I will get dizzy/nauseated if I don't have food in my belly.

My appointment was at 9am.  Of course, I had to pee twice before going to the appointment, and wasn't able to "hold" it, so even though I seem to have to pee constantly, I couldn't pee in the stupid cup.  I swear, I could have a full bladder but as soon as it's time to pee in a cup, I become physically unable to remember how to urinate.

Anyway, they did a quick exam, with lots of STD tests.  My doctor is really funny, and was making a lot of really ridiculous jokes.  For example: "We have 24 hour womb service", he called Nate a "repeat offender", He said if it's a boy I could call him "blob" and if it's a girl "blobara".  It really helped to take the tension away.

I got to see the heartbeat, but not hear it.  It was really cool.  It was an internal sonogram which was a little strange (I didn't think I was going to have an internal sonogram).  I saw the top of the "peanut" flutter several times, reminding me of a hummingbird.

Dr. Smith confirmed that I was 6 weeks 1 day (so 1 day into the 7th week), that I conceived around June 7th, and that my EDD was Feb 28th.  He also looked at my ovaries.  He couldn't seem to find my right ovary but did confirm that my left ovary was the one with the pregnancy cyst.  The pregnancy cyst is feeding my baby hormones while my placenta grows.  Eventually, the placenta will take over.  This is interesting because when I had implantation pains, it was always on the left side so I think that the culprit was definitely the left ovary that ovulated.

After the appointment, I had like 5 vials of blood drawn, finally peed in the cup, and then got to go home.  I sent Dad a picture of my ultrasound and he responded, "He's (underlined) looking good".  It's exciting to see my Dad so into this!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Mid Week 6 and Wedding Plans

On Friday, the 29th, Nate and I went and picked out our wedding bands.  I didn't get a chance to snap a picture of his, as his needed to be ordered for the correct size.  We started at J B Robinson, where I saw a few rings that I liked, but Nate didn't really like anything.  I'm not big into jewelry and flashy things so I was looking at rings that were plain or just small diamond clusters across it.  We went over to Kay's, and Nate looked at a lot of rings.  There was a wrap at Kay's that was nice, but I didn't like that it was trying to change the way my engagement solitaire looked.  It had two diamonds that would be on either side, changing it from a solitaire to a three diamond setting.  I love the solitaire look so I didn't want this.

So after Nate picked out a titanium (thinner) band at Kays, we went back to J B Robinson's.  I ended up seeing another wrap, the one in the pictures and both Nate, and I really liked how it really accentuated my engagement ring.  It's still not flashy which I like, but it is a little bit more detailed.  It's funny, I think I'm the only woman who goes to the jewelry store and complains that all the rings are too gawdy, over the top, or too fancy.  I'm just not into jewelry, but it was very important for me to pick out a wedding band I liked.  Previously, I got saddled with a ring that I did not like, didn't want, and wasn't allowed to change at all just because it was a family heirloom.  I love wedding bands.  I love what they symbolize.  I love looking at them, and so it's important that we picked out our rings, and we found something we liked.

So far week 6 hasn't been too bad.  A little queasy - which is usually in the mornings, but as long as I eat small meals constantly, I have been successful in fighting of m/s.  Exhaustion on the other hand...  I am so tired.  I try not to nap during the day, because when I'm at work, I can't nap.  When I can go to bed early, I definitely do, but then I wake up way too early.  With my work schedule having me out till 11pm at night, I can't really be getting tired at 9p or 10p.  I woke up today at 6:35am but forced myself to go back to bed.  Still getting up in the middle of the night to pee though.  This is something I've never dealt with before.  It's super annoying.

For food aversions, I've noticed whenever I buy a coffee, ice coffee, or an ice latte (which I've been getting mediums instead of larges) I barely drink them.  I guess it may not be a true food aversion, but I'm just not into them.  They don't taste disgusting, I just don't want them.  I also haven't had any cravings as of yet, though I will say somethings taste SO delicious now.  Like guacamole.  Loooove avacado.  I don't wake up in the middle of the night wanting it, but it seems to be a lot more tasty now.

My first prenatal appointment is on Friday at 9am.  I'm both excited and terrified.  I'm scared something will be wrong, but I want to see it.  I want to hear it's heart beat, and see whatever I can see on the ultrasound.  I'm nervous because I don't have that many symptoms other than urination and exhaustion. Oh well, I'll check back in mid week unless something exciting happens =)

PS: We decided to get married on July 23rd!  Only 21 more days!