Sunday, January 27, 2013

36 Weeks - Pretty sure this kid is headbutting my cervix...

Ah, 36 weeks.  ~3 to 5 weeks left.  As of today, 27 days left to the due date.

Nat is running out of room.  He has stretched my stomach about as far as I can go - or hope I can go - and now it just feels like he is tossing and turning, back and forth, in my belly.  The best example I have is when someone is laying next to you in bed and keeps tossing and turning.  Yeah, I can feel that inside me!

Those better not be stretch marks under my belly.  BAD BOY, Nathaniel! <3

That's a baby, not a bowling ball.

I'm huge, but cute =)

I am now seeing my OB weekly which is exciting.  Had the Group B Strep test done at my last visit (not that bad).  She checked my cervix and said it was tightly closed but was 70% effaced.  Basically, that means that out of it's 70% thinned out and should start dialating.  They are going to monitor my cervix though for two reasons: 1) My cervix may have been shorter than a normal cervix due to my LEEP so 70% maybe skewed - though at last ultrasound, she said my cervix was at least 3 inches long; 2) My cervix may have scar tissue over it due to the LEEP, causing issues with my cervix dialating which could cause issues with going into labor.  It's pretty much a we'll see and keep checking situation.  I'm not really all that concerned.  I'm sure regardless, they will get this child out of me!

Also, when checking my cervix, she said that she could feel his head, so it looks like we have finally moved into the right position and hopefully he'll stay there!  I feel like I have dropped, though when I look at my pictures, I can't tell if I've dropped.  I feel a constant pressure though.  He's so heavy!
Still no guesses on weight though =(  Praying for a 6lber!

I have been having some dizziness issues, though again, I think it's all linked with the swelling and mucus in my sinuses which have been a reoccurring issue since week 3 of pregnancy!  Hopefully, I'll be able to breathe as soon as I get this little one into my arms!

Let's compare bellies!

34 Weeks

36 Weeks

Monday, January 21, 2013

35 Weeks - Nursery Complete (except for curtains) and Maternity photos!

Short post, mostly pictures!  Saturday marked 35 weeks pregnant!  To celebrate, Nate and I went out and had maternity photos done!!  So we have some professional bump photos to show off, instead of my crappy webcam photos hahah!

I love this picture so much.

We look like we can ALMOST stand each other =P hehe.

The obligatory 35 week bump with hand hearts =)

 To top it off, we also picked up a few last minute items for the nursery.  We got the pack and play, carpet, etc and Nate finished the picture he was drawing for 'Thaniel's room.  And here is the finished product!!!

So much clothing =)  The green coat on the right is actually Emma's old coat!

 All that is left to do is to make the curtains and do a little more organizing!  Just a little!  I want to put all the booties into a little bin kind of like the picture above with the bath supplies.  I might actually just put the bath stuff in the bathroom and use that box.

For an update on 'Thaniel: Man, he is moving around so much now!  And he's all butt and elbows haha.  Still not having any pre-labor signs which is fantastic!  I keep trying to get a video of him squirming around to show off my alien belly, but usually by the time I pull out the camera, he's stopped!  Little troll baby!  Only 33 days left now to our due date!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Birth Classes and 34 weeks!

39 days left till our due date, Feb 23rd!

Nathaniel is moving around!  I don't feel as many kicks as I use to, but more so, I feel him twirling around in there.  There is usually always a body part that can be felt.  A butt.  A leg or arm.  I can't be exactly sure what part of him it always is, but I can tell if it's something round, something thin an arm/leg like, and always something hard!  I'm also seeing my belly move more.

I've started having contractions, or more intense Braxton Hicks, I dunno.  It hurts.  It hurts like he's kicking my cervix.  A little bit of period like pain, but never more than a couple a day.  At our last appointment, Nathaniel was laying transversely (side to side) which was a change from my previous visit where he had been head down.  He still has some room to move, and I have come to believe he definitely likes to lay transversely as he has most of my pregnancy.

I really enjoy being able to feel his little body parts.  I pat him and chatter at him.  But it can also be a little uncomfortable (and by a little I mean sometimes it is insanely uncomfortable)!

Saturday was our all day Birth Class.  It wasn't as bad as I thought.  I primarily wanted to go to learn more about newborn care, though I knew they would spend most of the time talking about labor and delivery.  We got a tour of the maternity wing, and my only disappointment, really, was that there are no tubs/whirlpools to help with labor.  Now I'm not a huge fan of water, so I don't even know if it would have helped, but I thought the warmth might.

We saw the gory videos that I could have done without, because I have no interest in watching a baby come out of me, so I don't really want to see a baby coming out of someone else.  I got more information about pain options and again have found that I would prefer to go pain free, but if need be after 5cm, would get an epidural, especially to speed along things if labor stalls.

We also got to see a newborn baby get a bath.  She was about a day and a half old, 6lbs and so many ounces.  It was pretty terrifying.  The little one screamed as she was sponged and changed by the nurse and only stopped crying when the baby was swaddled.  It was almost immediate!  One minute baby is screaming, the next, the nurse was finishing the swaddle and the baby just quieted.  So swaddling apparently works =)

There were some couple building exercises, massages for Nate to perform on me while in labor, etc.  After the class, we picked up a birthing ball to start helping me with exercising my hips and back.
Nate was fantastic and it only made me feel more close to him.

And lastly, the pictures of the 34 week bump!


Still an inny!

Even maternity shirts don't exactly fit over Nathaniel anymore!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Breastfeeding class + OMT

Before I launch into a wall of text, check out some cute outfits I got from Kohl's on super sale!

On Wednesday, I took my breastfeeding class.  It was a 2 1/2 hour class at my local hospital.  Personally, I'm disappointed that I'm only doing the one day birthing class.  Everyone in the breastfeeding class knew each other since the rest of the pregnant women are taking the birthing series. Basically, this is going to the hospital every Wednesday for 2 1/2 hours for five weeks.  I was hoping that, by going to birth classes, I would get to network and connect with other mothers in the area.  Hopefully, I will get to meet and chat with other mothers still at the one day class on Saturday.

All in all, I think the breastfeeding class is great for those thinking about breastfeeding or those who already know they are going to breastfeed.  The first half of the class was geared toward convincing the mothers that they should breastfeed.  You know: all the pros.  The thing I did like is they didn't try to bullshit you.  Nothing about there will be no pain.  Some people do have pain.  There are some things you need to be cognizant about such as your health (mastitis), baby weight gain, etc.

For those who may have already made the decision, there are still some great reasons to take a breastfeeding class.  At mine, they showed us the different types of holds for breastfeeding.  They taught us how to unlatch a baby from the nipple, the best ways to get the baby to latch, etc.  They also taught us what to look for to protect yourself from mastitis, how to tell if your baby is gaining enough weight, how to know if you are producing enough milk and if baby is getting enough, etc.  So definitely, a lot for a new breastfeeder to learn about even if you have already made the decision to EBF (exclusively breast feed).

I personally will be EBF - though I will introduce the bottle and pacifier at about two weeks, once my milk supply has come in so that Nate and Em can help feed and bond with baby.

I started OMT - Osteopathic Medical Treatment - on Thursday.  If you've never heard of an Osteopath, they are a DO that combines physical therapy and chiropractory.  It was incredibly painful at first as they put pressure on my muscles and tried to realign my back, neck, hips, and knees.  I had been up since 4 am unable to sleep from pain, so I was nervous this was going to put me in even greater pain.  However, after my appointment, I was able to get decent sleep with very little pain!  I have to see the OMT once a week, but I think it will definitely help.  Again, it's one of those situations where they won't be able to get rid of all my pain until after delivery.  At that point, specially within the first seven days after delivery because of all the relaxin in my body, he feels he will be able to make me a brand new woman.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

33 Weeks - Pressure, Breastfeeding Class, Projects!!!

33 1/2 weeks. 6 1/2 weeks till my due date.  At this exact time, I have 45 days left till my due date.  EXCITING!!!  

Like most expecting mothers, I'd love to go early, as long as my Nathaniel is nice and healthy and ready to come out.  We've had several expecting mothers in our 2013 Due Date February Club go early between 35 and 36 weeks.  Like 6 of them so far!!  With all healthy babies =)

These days pregnancy can be pretty uncomfortable.  I have a lot of pressure on my bladder at this point, so even a little bit of urine in my bladder puts me in pain.  But, I do not have a UTI.  Rest assured!

Last night, Nate and I were sitting on the couch when I touched my belly and could definitely feel a body part!  A head?  A butt? I don't know!  I poked it a bunch, then freaked out after he moved, because if it was his head, did I dent it?!?!  I'm sure he is fine... but I'm a spaz.

Today is a big day for me.  I have the first part of my birthing classes tonight - the breast feeding class from 6 to 8:30pm.  I'm excited, and nervous.  I told Nate he didn't have to come with me since a breast feeding class for 2 1/2 hours sounds like they might be whipping out boobs in front of us =P  I'm pretty excited though.  Everything is starting to feel really real!

And because I'm excited/impatient, here are the burp cloths I made this morning!  These are a little different than my previous ones.  I actually made these with the backs being made from cloth diapers vs terry cloth.  They are a little smaller, but still fit nicely over my shoulder.

All three!

Those are music notes.

T-rex! Dinos! RARR!

Camo frogs =P

It's funny because as Nat starts to run out of room, I do seem to see him move more, feel body parts, but instead of feeling kicks, I feel more just random movement.  And he never wakes me up at night so until yesterday, I thought maybe he was sleeping when I was sleeping.... Nope!  Definitely not the case.  Nate tells me the other night, I'd fallen asleep, and he was still awake.  He had rested his hand on my belly, and Nathaniel was kicking the crap out of me.  He said it felt like he was having a temper tantrum, just going to town punching and kicking.  And I just snored away (well not really because I don't snore, but I was completely unphased!)  Nate was floored that I could sleep through that =)  

In other news: I have a 34 week appointment tomorrow, our all day birthing class on Saturday at the local hospital, and maternity photos on the 19th!!!!

And lastly: 33 week bump pics!

Still an inny, and look at that linea nigra!

Ok... T-shirts doesn't do the bump any justice!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cute gifts received!

So I have a few more gifts I wanted to post.  Hoping that I will get a chance to take nursery pics next week.  Depends on if my hip is being nice to me or not.  The nursery is ALMOST set up =)

But in the meantime, check out these adorable gifts!

A lovely gift from Molly and Dave!  Thank you so much. It's adorable. They said that their son, Max, adored it! I can't wait to get some pics of Nathaniel with it!!!
A cute onsie from Brian!

The next five items are from Uncle Aaron and Aunt Andrea! Spoons!

Alien taggy toy

Backseat organizer from Munchkin for the munchkin!

Wrist and leg rattles <3

Space bib!

And lastly, two wonderful and practical gifts from my the Mukai clan!
Even though I plan to breast feed, I will still pump into bottles so Em and Nate can feed 'Thaniel! This is perfect for drying and storing clean bottles!

Bundle Me for these cold Maine winters Nat is being born into!