Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cute gifts received!

So I have a few more gifts I wanted to post.  Hoping that I will get a chance to take nursery pics next week.  Depends on if my hip is being nice to me or not.  The nursery is ALMOST set up =)

But in the meantime, check out these adorable gifts!

A lovely gift from Molly and Dave!  Thank you so much. It's adorable. They said that their son, Max, adored it! I can't wait to get some pics of Nathaniel with it!!!
A cute onsie from Brian!

The next five items are from Uncle Aaron and Aunt Andrea! Spoons!

Alien taggy toy

Backseat organizer from Munchkin for the munchkin!

Wrist and leg rattles <3

Space bib!

And lastly, two wonderful and practical gifts from my the Mukai clan!
Even though I plan to breast feed, I will still pump into bottles so Em and Nate can feed 'Thaniel! This is perfect for drying and storing clean bottles!

Bundle Me for these cold Maine winters Nat is being born into!

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