Saturday, March 16, 2013

4 Week Pediatrician Wellness Check

Nathaniel had a fantastic wellness check at the Pediatrician's on March 12th!  He's put on 2lbs since they saw him last (about 15 days prior).  Last time he was there, he was 5lbs 7oz - now, he is 7lbs 8 oz!  He gained an inch, now 21 inches.

He had to get a shot, which he didn't like (it didn't help that they want you to keep them undressed for the entire visit).  It was the second round of the Hepatitis B shot.  Dr. Adams told me that at his two month (8 weeks) wellness check, he'll have to get five shots AND has to drink some kinda liquid.  I think Nate should take him to that one!  I don't know if my heart can stand it!  We also got a referral for the tongue-tie.  We will see the pediatric surgeon (sounds more severe than it really is) on March 27th.

Here are some candid (angry) shots of Nathaniel at his visit:

Since my last LC (lactation consultant) visit, breastfeeding has been going well.  We are almost completely off the formula (between 0 and 4 ounces a day)!  There are some days that are better than others of course, but I always make sure to pump if I supplement.  I'm also drinking this tea:

It's really helped, in my opinion, with my supply.  I'm also eating no-bake's since the oatmeal also helps with the supply =)

Lastly, everyone in the family is taking well to Nathaniel:

PS: Swaddling is a Godsend....

One minute, I'm awake...

The next, I'm out (literally less than a few minutes later)!

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