Celiac's and the Benefits of Eating Gluten Free

In April of 2011, I was diagnosed with Celiac's disease.  It was a long road and once I tested positive for the blood test, so many strange things suddenly made sense.  The stress rash that I had been dealing with on and off for years was actually a dermatitis caused by eating gluten.  It suddenly made sense why the bone in my foot had died after several failed surgeries where the bone refused to heal.  My previous miscarriages even made sense now.

In April of 2011, I was 165lbs and as of today, June 26th, 2012, I have dropped down to 126lbs.

Me in March 2011

Me in June of 2012

I'm definitely way more healthy now that I don't eat gluten.  I no longer have the intestinal troubles that I had in the past, and I'm hardly ever sick anymore.  My immune system use to be really compromised, and I think the reason for that was because my body had to focus on healing and wasn't getting the proper nutrients.

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